What is Dignity?  

Posted by Plato Greybeard

English words, as well as those in any other language, carry different meanings for different individuals. Understanding is promoted when two people have a common definition for the important words being used. One such word is "dignity.”
What is dignity? Where does it come from? Is it an innate quality possessed by all human beings, or does it have to be earned by socially acceptable actions and behaviors?

To complicate the matter further, what is the relationship between self-respect and dignity? If we feel that we have lost dignity, is it possible to restore it? Can one be dignified without the approval of others?

Assuming that we were born with dignity, is it possible to lose that quality if we lack integrity? Do we compromise our dignity when we belittle or take advantage of another person? To the extent that we are greedy and seek unfair advantage over another, will this affect our dignity?

What is the relationship between pride and dignity? Is it possible to have one without the other? Can there be such a thing as "morality" without respecting dignity in one's self and in others?

Perhaps the ideal would be to consider dignity as an innate and immutable quality possessed that every human being.

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