Why Change?  

Posted by Plato Greybeard


     "Why change?" The question might just as well have been asked from the opposite viewpoint, as "Why not change?” We need to look at both what is likely to motivate us to change and at the inhibitors that prevent us from doing so.

     Look first at your own motivators. Do you change only when you absolutely have to, perhaps brought about by crisis of some sort, or are you constantly seeking new ways to improve the quality of your life by changing? Do you see change as a challenge or a threat?

     What keeps you from changing? Is it that you just don't see a need to do so, or are you too comfortable to be bothered or is it just too frightening? After all, any change is, by definition, contrary to the status quo, thus bringing about a threat to peace, security and stability. Nothing attractive there.

     Change can be a move toward something new, or it can be a flight away from something old. Which you think is the more powerful motivator?

     Other than getting married, divorced or having a sex change operation, what has been the biggest change in your life? Some would say that being born was the biggest change that anyone will ever experience, and that death itself will be the next most significant. All else pales in comparison with those two.

     If you are one who embraces change easily, how do you deal with the resistance of those who do not want to change?

     There are many meaningful quotes, but I leave you with this one that has long been a favorite: "Be not the first by which the new is tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside."