Equality: Fact or Fiction  

Posted by Plato Greybeard

Fact: every human is born equal to every other human and is therefore deserving of respect, access of opportunity, fair and just treatment under law and a clean and safe environment.
Fiction: every human is entitled to a standard of living equal to every other human as well as the freedom to do as he/she wishes without restraint.

What do we mean by “equality” when we are talking about access to the political process, the acquisition of wealth, the availability of clean air and water, obtainable and affordable health care or even the equality of persons?

Consider the relationship between equality and freedom. The exercise of pure freedom by some would mean restricting the economic or social freedom of others, thereby rendering them unequal. Power, strength and wealth would replace any semblance of equality. Therefore, equality is at risk and seriously compromised in a free society.

Balancing the inherent rights of equal humans with competing desires, motivations and struggles to accomplish will forever remain a source of conflict among individuals attempting to increase their own condition at the expense of others.

Is equality possible, or even desirable? Is it fact or fiction?

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