What is the meaning of sex?  

Posted by Plato Greybeard

     It may come as a surprise to many to consider the possibility that sex has no intrinsic meaning. While the ultimate purpose of sex is undoubtedly procreation for any living plant or animal, none other than humans attach any meaning to it…as far as we know.
     There seems to be a stigma attached to having sexual thoughts or activity outside a sanctioned relationship such as marriage.  It may be that we attach a lofty purpose like "commitment" or "intimacy" to sexual activity to prevent feelings of guilt. Just because many of us have been taught that sex is bad does not make it so.

     But if we consider sex as good and wholesome, what boundaries should apply? Most would agree that holding a positive view toward sex does not give one license to be promiscuous. Each person will make choices consistent with their own moral compass, however diverse these might be between individuals. Therefore, communication leading to understanding the meaning that a prospective partner holds about sex may prevent unnecessary heartache. But have this conversation prior to the intimacy. A discussion of the value of nutrition or the process of digestion never enhanced any dining experience.

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