Wisdom of Quotations - by Alexander Graham Bell  

Posted by Plato Greybeard

     We have all heard this quote yet we rarely keep it in mind when faced with difficult circumstances. Do we celebrate when we are turned down for a promotion, or laid off from our job? Do we offer our congratulations when that someone we have had our eye on decides to marry someone else?

     How many years are you willing to devote to someone who doesn’t return your love? How many years are you willing to waste in a dead end job?

     We often hate changes. We get attached to what we already know and fear new things in our life. No matter how deep we suffer we often rather be in the old than in new, but life forces us to move on whether we like it or not.

     When one door closes what do we do when we have to spend a lot of time in the hallways waiting for the new door to open? How to survive this sometimes dark time and a very harsh and ugly place to be when it often feels like the end of life?

     These are the questions we were trying to answer during our latest discussion at Plato's Academy. It was a very interesting discussion forcing us to think how much control we really have over our own life.

     We all agreed that closed doors are opportunities to move forward in our lives. They are the universe’s way of telling us to move on from a situation that doesn’t serve our highest good. No matter how bad things are, or what is happening, it too will pass and things will change. And with change will come new openings and new beginnings, new opportunities and adventures sometimes beyond our wildest imagination.

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