Wisdom of Quotations - by Richard Bach  

Posted by Plato Greybeard

As our group considered this quotation by Bach, most, but not all, agreed that there exists within the human mind the power to control physical states within the body. On rare occasions, this power can take the form of curing physical conditions that would otherwise be considered incurable. There is no known way of tapping into this power at will, yet there are many verifiable instances of its existence. Whatever it is, it can only be accessed by believing at the subconscious level, never by simply making a cognitive affirmation. If I say to myself, "I want to be cured of this cancer." it is not likely to happen. However, if I believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself spontaneously of this condition, it may come about.

There was general agreement, however, that our attitude towards an event has a profound effect on one's reaction to that event. If my husband/wife leaves me, I might be elated or depressed depending on my mindset at the time. In general, if we view life negatively, living will be a misery but if we are optimistic, living is more pleasurable.

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